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If your prescription has expired, then most likely you are due for an office visit. We will only renew prescriptions if a patient has been seen for that medical condition within the past (12 months). If the patient has not had an office visit in that period of time, then an office visit will need to be scheduled or we recommend to contact your primary care physician in order to validate the need for the medications.

Please be informed that we cannot call in prescriptions for a patient after the office visit. If you log onto Patient Portal AthenaNet (Linked on the top button), you may request prescription refills, request appointments, access your personal health record etc. Telehealth visits will be offered for patients that have seen the provider within a 12 months period. You will need to schedule an appointment in person at least once a year in order to offer you telehealth visits in the future. 

How can I ask for a refill? 

You will contact your pharmacy first to verify the amount of refills you have left. Please contact the office and leave a voicemail in our refill request line. Or you can request your refills by visiting our patient portal account (AthenaNet) button above. 


Please note : You will need to request your refills 5 business days to be processed without any delay. 

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