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Video Consultation


Because of COVID-19 some insurance have relaxed their policies. Please see below.  

Due to COVID-19 now we are offering Telemedicine visit through The Patient Portal AthenaNET (not for new patients). 


Please inform the office staff if your information as been changed prior your telehealth visit (Cellphone number and email). All balances (copays, coinsurance or deductibles) must be paid prior the telehealth visits by calling the office or through the Patient Portal (button above).

Not all insurances cover telehealth services and patient's are advice to call their insurance for information about coverage, as coverage depends on each individual policy.

If you already an established patient, you will need to be seen the provider at least once a year in person. So we can continue offering you Telehealth visit services in the future.

All patients must call their insurance prior any services provided in this facility to obtain information such as;(1) Coverage benefits for telehealth services. Once you reached your insurance, please request your benefits coverage for telehealth medicine services. 2) Any Telemedicine copayments or balance due, must be paid prior the appointment by calling the office or through the Patient Portal AthenaNet. 

Please have all your questions for the provider ready at the moment of your Telemedicine for an efficient visit.  

Once again, please verify with your insurance, prior to make use of this services.

Because of the Covid -19 for for protection and our staff we are taking the following steps for face to face appointments click on (face to face appointments for more information): 

Commonwealth of Virginia Office of the Governor - Excecutive Order - Requirement to wear face covering while inside buildings