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Frequently asked Questions

1. Can I Schedule Appointment Online?

You can always request an appointment online through the Patient Portal AthenaNet system or by calling the office. This would apply for follow-up or (established patients only). 

2. What time do I need to arrive to my appointment?

We recommend arrive least 20 minutes before a new patient appointment. For stablish patients at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment. .


3. Does the office offered Telemedicine services? 

Now we are offering Telemedicine services with AthenaNet for follow-up appointments only. You can schedule an appointment through the patient portal account once you are an established patient. If you don't have an account yet, please contact the office and provide your email, so we will send an invitation in order to create a new account with us.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be seen the provider at least once a year in person. So we can continue offering you Telehealth visit services in the future. All patients must call their insurance prior any services provided in this facility to obtain information such as;

(1) Coverage benefits for telehealth services. Once you reached your insurance, please request your benefits coverage for telehealth medicine services. 2) Any Telemedicine copayments or balance due, must be paid prior the appointment by calling the office or through the Patient Portal AthenaNet. 

4. What Insurance does the Facility take? UPDATED ON 06/02/2021

  • Most of the Medicare, Anthem Carefirst, Most United Healthcare Plans.

  • Aetna - (No new Innovations, EPO, and Better Health)

  • Humana Medicare

  • Cigna - Open Access (No with EPO)

  • Most of the Carefirst (No with Healthy-Blue)

  • Most of the United Healthcare (No Community Plan)

  • Tricare for Life (No Tricare Select)

  • Anthemhealthkeepers, PPO and POS and HMO - Will need a Referral for POS and HMO or all charges will be payed by the patient

  • Medicaid and Medicaid Healthkeepers (No Molina, VA Premier, Magellan or Optima) 

PLEASE NOTE: All patients must call their insurance prior any services provided in this facility to obtain information such as;

(1) Referral [Date of Issue and Expiration Date]
(2) or Prior Authorizations.

- The office is not responsible for notifying you of your health insurance benefits. Once you reached your insurance, please request your benefits coverage and if you will need referral and/or Prior Authorizations.

5. What is No-Show Policy?

  • Please call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment Monday to Friday. Additional fees may apply.

  • Insurance may not pay for any No-Show or Cancellation fees.

  • Any patient arriving more than 10 minutes late, or walk ins, will be asked to reschedule. 



In person appointments are now available. We recommend one visitor per patient for the safety and following the CDC Guidelines during the pandemic. 

7. I am fully Vaccinated. Can I go to my office visit without a mask? 

We follow CDC and OSHA guidelines for healthcare facilities are required by law. Please ask the front desk for updated guidelines.
8. How can I ask for a refill? What are your medications refill policies?

Please make sure to contact your pharmacy to request refills a week prior to running out of medication. If no refills are left you may request refills by calling our refill voice mail and leaving a request or sending a patient portal request.

Because of current call volumes for phone refills, please allow up to 5 businesses days to be fulfilled.

      For your portal refill request please allow 72 hours.  


9. What is a Coinsurance and how does a coinsurance works?

Coinsurance is the amount you are required to pay for a medical claim, apart from any copayments or deductible. We can also call this ; "the percentage you pay for a service" Example: Let's say you have a visit that cost $100 per visit. The insurance will pay $70.00 and your responsibility will be $30.00. This will be 30% from your co-insurance.


10. What's a copay and how does a copay works?
A copay is a flat rate for patients responsibility for a specific services. Example: Let's say you have a visit that cost $100 and your copay is $25. The insurance company would pay the rest $75.


11.What's a Deductible?
Is the amount of money that patients met before insurance company pay for the services that you received.

12. Payment methods: We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

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