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New Patient?
New patient Policy.

We are happy to start offering services for new patients! It's a great opportunity to provide information about our services we offer prior your future visit.

Please note: We highly recommend all new patients to be familiar with our New Patient Policy before contacting the office.


All patients will request information by calling their insurance company prior  receiving services in our practice, to obtain information such as; Benefits,

referrals [Date of Issue and Expiration date], Prior authorizations and if our provider (Dr. Alejandro Santos Leal) is in network.  Once you reached your insurance company, please request a reference number, for your own documentation purposes. There's some PPO's, POS's and HMO's Insurance that require referrals. Please verify with your Insurance company.


If you are referred by a Physicians Practice, you will need to contact your insurance company prior to requesting an appointment in our practice. If our practice is out of network with your Insurance and referral, you may reach your physician to request a new referral to another covered facility. This will  prevent receiving notifications by the office practice after the services  rendered are not covered.


Diabetes and Endocrine Care of Virginia provide office services only. After the new patient visit we can offer Telehealth services.

If this is a true medical emergency please call 911 or your primary care physician. After schedule your new patient appointment with us, you will be automatically in a wait list. This means that if we have a cancellation sooner than the appointment scheduled, the office will contact you to offer that opening schedule available. 


We recommend all patients to call our office and have your insurance information ready. This way we can able to process your request efficiently. Please follow the instructions mentioned above. If you can print the forms at home you can CLICK HERE. 
The day of your appointment we request all new patients to arrive at least 15 minutes prior their appointment scheduled. 
We hope that our New Patient Policy is helpful for you for your future health care services. Here is other policies that we would like you to be informed. 

If you have any questions regarding our policy please do not hesitate to discuss it with us. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated. Thank You. ​


PHONE:  571-363-3082

FAX: 844-634-2547

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